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Molly and Simon!

August 10, 2009

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting musicians and fiances, Molly and Simon!  Simon proposed to Molly a year ago at the Ruby McQuain Amphitheater here in Morgantown.  We met up at the location for an engagement session.  Here are some photos from the day.  
I like this first series of photos…very real…

Molly and Simon will be having a winter wedding in Terra Alta!  I love this next photo…  Oh, and you can’t see Molly’s ring very well, but it is GORGEOUS!  There’s a beautiful, sparkly center stone with threaded/braided diamonds that go all the way around her finger… It’s stunning!
I like this next photo simply for the fact that they can get another photo like this on their 50th anniversary…I just think that would be so cool. 
My fave…

Molly and Simon, I hope you love your photos!  To my prospective clients, I love love love sepia!  It’s my favorite!  However, on the DVDs that I provide you with, I include three folders of your photos—color, b&w and sepia.  Gotta have options! =)

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