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August 12, 2009

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I wanted to bring attention today to my very amazing Floridian friend, Amy LaVenture!  Amy and I met when we studied abroad in Italy during the Spring of 2007.  We met on/at the elevators in our Italian boarding school dorm, and became very very close friends.  We discussed life over a bottle of wine at Maurizio’s, ate pizza together as we strolled through Venice and laughed together every single day of those amazing four months.  
Today is actually Amy’s birthday!  I visited her in Tampa for her 22nd birthday, the summer after we studied abroad, and I wish so badly that I could be there today to celebrate with her!  A few states and 15 hours separate us for now, so…Happy birthday to you, Ms. LaVenture!  
Well, not only is Amy smart, fun and beautiful, but she also has a heart of gold!  This October will be Amy’s second round of doing the 3-day Breast Cancer walk for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  In order to do the walk, Amy needs to raise at least $2,300 and she is 28% there!  I donated $40 today and I wanted to offer you all the opportunity to help.  If you’d like to make a donation of any amount:
  • go to
  • on the right, scroll over “Donate”
  • click on “Search for a Participant”
  • type in Amy LaVenture
  • and make your donation!  =)  
She is the only “Amy LaVenture” on the site so she should be easy to find.  Or if you have a friend who is doing the walk in another city, donate in their name.  =)  There’s a quote…and I can’t remember who said it, but I think it’s extremely true.  I love it.  It goes something like this…”No one ever got poor by helping others.”  …food for thought…
Enjoy your Wednesday! 

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