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On the Beach with Gina and Ralph

August 23, 2009

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Last Monday I spent some time with lovebirds Gina and Ralph in Long Branch, NJ.  We had a lovely time hanging out on the beach!  I knew that Gina and Ralph were a great looking couple, but they are soooo photogenic.  The more time I spend with their photos, the more I love them!  These two were are so adorable together.  Gina was always laughing at something that Ralph was whispering into her ear.  Ralph was playing with Gina’s hair when she was laying on his lap…so freaking cute.  I love them.  Enjoy!…

This next photo is actually just a piece (about 8%) of a larger photo.  (Hence why it’s a little blurry.)  I’ve cropped it so much to zoom in on just their faces.  I was going through the photos during one of my rounds and I zoomed in just to see their facial expressions and I instantly fell in love with this image.  Gina’s so beautiful…she’s laughing…her hair’s blowing around…and Ralph is so handsome…I think he looks so masculine and strong in this photo…very Calvin Klein model-esque.  He’s about to kiss Gina or say something to her.  I looooooove this captured moment!

I call dibs on photographing your babies when you have ’em!  Haha…

…Here are a few photos in color.  We had a gorgeous day and Gina’s dress had nice bright colors in it!
I love how their hands and fingers are interlocked in this next image…

Lovely lovely… Gina and Ralph, thanks for being such fantastic models!  I hope you two love your photos!

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