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Recalling the past month…continued 2!-Alla & Igor’s Wedding

October 22, 2009

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Our wedding wasn’t the only wedding we were looking forward to this wedding season!  Our good friends Igor and Alla got married in Philly on August 29th.  They had a beautiful, traditional Russian-Jewish ceremony and reception.  The Emperor Restaurant in Philly is an awesome venue.  They do such an amazing job!  All the liquor bottles and wine bottles and countless plates of food fill up the every single table.  When you think there’s no more room, not even for a tiny tea plate, they find room for another platter!

It was nice to be a wedding guest and not a hired vendor, but I couldn’t help bringing my camera in to snap a few shots!  Petals sprinkled down the aisle…

Champagne with raspberries…yummm

The room was beautifully set up…from the lighting to the centerpieces.  I loved how strings of pearls were weaved through the floral arrangements…

Hello Mr. Lobster!  You were delicious!

I didn’t have the greatest view, but here you go!  Groom and Bride become Husband and Wife!  Mazel Tov!

Another shot of their gorgeous centerpieces…

…And the first dance, which was beautifully choreographed!  Alla and Igor danced as if floating on clouds… I highly recommend choreographing your first dance.  I was so nervous and overwhelmed during my first dance that we didn’t dance the way we normally would.  I kinda felt like we didn’t deliver haha.

…I applied a soft, dreamy effect to this next photo…

Those are just a few from Igor and Alla’s wedding!  We had such a great time!  Stay tuned, next up is mine and Brad’s engagement session!

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