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Happy Birthday Brad!

November 5, 2009

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Everyday I wake up to the still darkness of the morning, just before the sun rises.  I feel the empty space to my right, and all I can see through the blur of my eyes is the bright bathroom light rimming the door.  I hear the shower running, and I know I only have about 45 minutes til he leaves.  Today wasn’t any different except that I kicked the sheets off and made a dash to my hiding spot.  I felt around for his birthday card in my sock drawer, found a pen and started writing.

It’s Brad’s birthday today, only the second birthday of many many many more that we get to celebrate together!  I won’t post any embarrassing photos of him (though it’s tempting!).   Instead, I’ll share some photos from his swearing in ceremony that took place on October 20th at the Capitol in Charleston.

I think I have a thing for “tie” photos…It’s just very handsome to me…

Woo hoo!

A big congrats to all the new esquires!  Interesting story actually.  Brad told me about this.  The word “Esquire” comes from way back in the day.  If two people disagreed about something, they would physically fight it out.  Later on, people would hire someone to fight for them if they knew that they probably would not win.  As it evolved, people stopped the violent fights, and instead hired “squires” to argue for them.  Finally, the term “esquire” came about!

Getting sworn in…

The judges…

What did you do Brad?!

Family photo!!! 

Congratulations honey!

Happy 27th Brad!  I love you with all my heart.

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  1. mooseetta says:

    ok…by the time i got this far,,i know who you are or who you are with…and where you are at in the family ties…

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