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Ivona Dixon

Twenty Ten

January 12, 2010

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We looooved to play Miss America.  That night we played it again for the zillionth time.  Each one of us girls would be assigned 4 or 5 different states to represent, and we’d make up silly introductions for the beginning of our make-believe show.  Whenever one of us was from “Illinois,” we’d always say “Hi! I’m Mary Smith from Illinois where I get ill from all the noise!”  That’s the best we could come up with.  Corny…I know, but we were like 13!!!  We’d go “backstage,” get dressed up in another costume and come up with a new personality.  We played it again for the zillionth time on December 31, 1999.  

I can’t believe that was already 10 years ago!  Time flies.  I remember thinking that in 2010 we would have George Jetson flying cars and teleportation systems!  It’s so funny…Brad and I were talking the other day discussing how our kids and grandkids are going to say, “Wow! Our parents/grandparents were born in the nineteen hundreds!”  Ugh! How awful!  lolol…

Well, it is 10 years later and instead of dressing up in ridiculous costumes, we dressed up and went out on the town!  We visited some good friends in DC this year.  We had a delicious and fun dinner downtown at Oya and ended the night with champagne and of course a New Years Kiss.  Before we left DC, I wanted to go visit the monuments.  I loooove DC.  I love the history, the intellect, everything about it.  I just love the atmosphere.  It’s good for me. =)   Brad and I braved the freezing temperatures and even more freezing wind!  We bundled up, but it was coooo-old!

The Abraham Lincoln Memorial and a very frozen Reflecting Pool.  I found this Black and White converter through Presets Heaven and I LOVE IT!


Haha…I looked like a little old lady with a babushka!  My face was frozen, I shiver just thinking about it.

I just used a dramatic sky preset in lightroom, and I upped the contrast a tiny bit…doesn’t it look story book-ish?  Kinda cool…

May your 2010 be even better than your 2009!  I wish you all the health, wealth and happiness!

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  1. Elizabeth Kaczmarek says:

    I love your blog Ivona, it is like reading a book, I can feel your emotions….love all the pictures, very dramatic….tx, mom

  2. Ivona says:

    Aww! Thanks Mom! That means so much to me…I love you!

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