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Boudoir! “Fan-tas-teek!”

January 27, 2010

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*All images posted with client’s permission.*
All I have to say is that I LOVE Boudoir Photography!  I’ve been running around my home all week announcing to my husband how “fan-tas-teek!” boudoir photography is in my weak French accent.  It is sooo fun and sexy and beautiful.  I love it.  I love how beautifully it allows me to portray a woman.  I love how amazed my clients feel after seeing their photos!-“Is that me?  I can’t believe how sexy I am!”  No joke.  And I love hearing the reactions of the man in her life.-“M is the most gorgeous and sexiest woman on this planet.” 

You can see for yourself…

Absolutely stunning…

We also had some fun with “pin-up”-like photos…
I love detail and filling up my frame with fabulousness!
As her Love put it, “…good God almighty…”
We had some fun with silhouettes!
I love this next photo.  I think it’s soo adorable and cute, but sexy and super-femme all at the same time!  It’s fantasteek!

The French music definitely added to the fun!…  If you’re interested in having a boudoir session, check out my website, and contact me at or 609.731.1598.  Boudoir sessions make amazing gifts for Valentines’ Day and Anniversaries!  Also for your wedding day gift to your new husband!

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