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Ivona Dixon


February 9, 2010

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She comes over every few weeks.  And when we say good-bye, I can’t believe the sun has already set and it’s midnight. Her boyfriend and my husband both knooow…They know that when we get together, you shouldn’t expect that it’ll be just to say a quick hello.  There’s no way.  There’s just too much to talk about!  And it starts as soon as she steps in from the cold.  

Before I even get to pour us each a glass of wine, we’ve usually already got one subject covered.  We’ll start with what’s going on in our lives at the moment-“I had soo much fun.  I just love being there.”…followed by any needed venting-“I waited for two and a half hours!!!”…followed by stories of our military studs-“He wasn’t supposed to leave til Saturday…”…then the goals and aspirations we’re working towards… The conversation flows into countless directions, probably never closing one topic before starting another.  We encourage each other about our hopes and dreams, giving each other ideas on how to make things happen.  We talk about the risks we’ve taken and the risks we look forward to taking in order to reach those dreams.  We’ll laugh…I’ll usually cry (it comes pretty easily to me, haha)…and finally we’ll sigh………
That sigh means we’re so thankful for everything we have in our lives…all our friends, our families, our loves, our ability to never give up on those dreams, our ability to forget about fear and take those risks.  And to me, that sigh is a sigh of comfort and relief.  I’m comforted in knowing I have a friend like you who will listen to me while I talk about anything and everything.  You never judge me.  Instead you always encourage and support me.  “Do it!  Oh my gosh, Ivona, you’re going to be amazing!…It’s because you’re strong!”  Sometimes you say things even I didn’t know about myself.
I just want you to know that I’m so incredibly thankful to have a friend like you.
My friend is as sweet as the chocolates she brought me last night…and as beautiful as the flowers that are resting on my coffee table.

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