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Two Years Ago…

February 14, 2010

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Two years ago, we had only met three weeks ago.  It was a busy day…and I know you won’t be surprised that I can remember so many details.  My memory is uncanny!…It freaks you out, I know. =)

I stopped by the Blue Moose Cafe for a chai tea and chocolate-covered espresso beans.  My business frat, Delta Sig, was holding a blood drive that day at the Baptist Church on Spruce Street.  I showed up and the caffeine from the espresso beans mixed with my general excitement must have kicked in because I threw on the Red Cross dog costume to wave down potential blood-doners outside.  I served for a few hours, and went to my classes.  It was a busy day, but the only thoughts running through my mind were of you…
It was a Thursday so I had Media Law in the evening.  Professor L was going to let us out early, but I couldn’t wait so I snuck out early.  I walked across the street and around to the back of the Journalism School where you can look out onto Morgantown and the river.  I wanted to remember what it looked like so I took a picture with my phone.  I breathed in the cold, crisp air of that February night and waited with excitement until I got your phone call that you were approaching our pick-up spot in front of the B&E.  
And there you were, in your big red truck.  You got out to open the door for me.  I remember thinking that you looked strong.  I believe you were wearing your brown shoes, jeans and that long-sleeve white shirt…the one with the two buttons on top, it’s kinda like a “thermal” material…you know which one.  (You also have a grey one like that, that you still wear, that I love on you.  You always look so comfy and cozy.)  … You kissed and hugged me, and helped me throw my books in the back seat.  
Before Media Law, you had called me and asked, “If you could have any meal, what would it be?”  I told you seafood, so when we got to your house, we made shrimp scampi with brown rice and veggies.  The rest is a continuation of what we have today…talking about life, laughing and loving.  
I love you so much, baby and I’m so in love with you.  I cherish all of our memories together from dancing the first night we met, to the way you looked when you picked me up for our first Valentines’ Day date, to all the exciting memories that are in store for us!  Thank you for my roses and for always romancing me.  Kocham cie.

Here are a few photos…I took a picture of the pictures that have been on my camera phone for two years now!  (I knew it would be a good idea to keep them!)  Here’s the photo of me from that day at the Blood Drive.  This was the head portion of the Red Cross costume, lol. 
Here is the photo I took on my phone from when I went around to the back of the J-school.  
And finally a photo of one of the red roses that Brad had delivered to me yesterday…roses are my absolute favorite.  Thank you, Baby…

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