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Unforgettable Honeymoons!

March 15, 2010

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It’s the one vacation that you’ve been dreaming and fantasizing about since you started planning your wedding.  After countless phone calls with the caterer, numerous appointments with the florist, cake tastings, registry “add this and delete that” changes, and tracking down those guests who refuse to mail back the RSVP card, you deserve the peeeeerfect honeymoon!

I do have to say, when I think of “honeymoon,” I always imagined a tropical, beach getaway with all-day tanning while enjoying fruity drinks that have those little, cute umbrellas, room service to your fantasy suite 24/7 and dancing at night!  I was pleasantly surprised when I took a little survey on facebook to see where some friends have gone or plan on going for their honeymoon!  Check out some of the responses I got…
L.M.-We went to Cabo!  And it was awesome!
A.S.-We’re 99% sure we’re heading to Vallarta Palace thanks to your wonderful recommendation!!
A.K.-I’m going to the Grand Canyon!
J.V.-We went to Vail/Beaver Creek Colorado in January!
E.V.-Excellence Riviera Cancun, most amazing place ever!
A.G.-We’re going to Disney World!  Cliche and cheesey, I know…but I’m sooo excited!

Every couple is so different, and you definitely have to plan the honeymoon that “fits” you best!  Of course, I’m biased towards tropical vacations…and I did want to make this post about!
My husband and I had such a hard time figuring out which resort to go to or even how to book.  There are just sooo many options out there, and with our wedding being in October, we knew we had to choose a location that wouldn’t be affected by the Caribbean hurricane season.  Through a Google Search, we found Laurie at Unforgettable Honeymoons.  From the first phone call to our flight back, our experience was AMAZING!  To be honest, I’m hoping I can book all our future vacations through Unforgettable Honeymoons!

We ended up choosing Vallarta Palace in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!  I had no doubts that the resort and location would be just gorgeous, but what made the experience with Unforgettable Honeymoons extra wonderful was Laurie’s knowledge and expertise.  She had visited the resort before, she knew that it was better to be on the west coast of Mexico away from the hurricane season, and she understood our honeymoon wants and needs.  I highly recommend using Unforgettable Honeymoons!  We had a wonderful 8 days in paradise, and here are a few photos to show you our unforgettable honeymoon.  Enjoy!
On our way…

We were welcomed with cool towels when we arrived, some kind of delicious drink at check-in, and they also gave me a flower…

Hooray for palm trees!  It makes me feel beachy just thinking about it…I can’t wait for summer.

A few different views on the balcony of our suite…

Lots of beach seating…

Last but not least, the first day we arrived, we had a bottle of chilled champagne and a little heart shaped cheesecake waiting for us!

….And! did you know that you can take advantage of complimentary honeymoon extras, like this one, up to a year after your wedding date?!  So go ahead and take that second honeymoon right before your first anniversary. =D

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