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A peek into the Boudoir Experience!

April 4, 2010

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A Q&A with one of my past clients about her Boudoir Experience…Enjoy!
What did you think of Boudoir Photography before your photo shoot?
I thought I had some idea of boudoir photography.  I think for the most part, I related it to vintage, pin-up style photography but was pleasantly surprised to find out it was so much more than that. It can be glamourous, classy, modern, and artistic. After googling the idea of it all and realizing it allows girls to really capture their beauty from all angles I was much more open to the idea. For me, the experience was more than I could have imagined, and it was honestly such a confidence boost. It allowed me to embrace my beauty from all sides sweet to sensual and all in good taste.
Where did you have your Boudoir shoot at? 
My shoot was at Ivona’s home.  She set everything up studio style and it all felt very intimate and casual. It was wintertime, so seeing that I was in lingerie, Ivona turned the heat up.  She also offered champagne.  She made everything feel so casual like you were just having a girls’ day in and even turned on a little French music to set the mood. She and I had such an amazing time, it far exceeded my expectations. 
What did you bring to the shoot?  
Honestly, my guy likes that playful girly side of me as well as the casual dressed down look, and I wanted to show that off for him during the shoot.  I brought simple things that made me feel comfortable and sexy.  I even brought along an old off-the-shoulder sweatshirt that I loved and it turned out great because I felt great wearing it. 
I’ve seen several photos where girls will just bring along their favorite jeans and bra.  It’s really whatever you feel best in, no need to spend a fortune at the lingerie store. This is for you and your guy; therefore, bring along things that will have an emotional connection for both of you. If you’re a Steelers fan, bring along a jersey.  You’d be surprised how sexy Ivona can make you look in almost anything. I wore an ACU military jacket for part of my shoot.  My guy, who’s a soldier, loved it! 
Did you feel nervous at all?  
Of course-who doesn’t get a little nervous about the idea of being in lingerie for anyone other than your significant other.  But in all honesty, my nervous jitters were diminished after just a few minutes of being around Ivona.  The champagne didn’t hurt either.  I think all women have insecurities and a love/hate relationship with our bodies, so it’s easy to be nervous when revealing that side to others.  Ivona has a way of not only making you feel and look beautiful, but she helps you to realize that you are beautiful and reminds you of it during the shoot.  Who wouldn’t love this? 
What made you want to do a Boudoir Photo shoot?
My soldier just left again for training, and as somewhat of a present and surprise I wanted to do this for him as an “I love you” and “I’m thinking of you” gift.  Also, I did it a little for myself.  I think every girl deserves to be reminded that she’s beautiful.  A little part of me likes the idea that someday when I may not look quite as young and fit, my children and grandchildren may stumble across these and say, “wow grandma you were beautiful!!”  It’s really a once in a lifetime experience, and I know I’ll cherish these photos for years to come, as will the love of my life. 
Did you do anything to prepare for your photo shoot? 
In preparation for the shoot I found myself looking for the perfect outfits.  I didn’t really have much of a budget to play with so I had to get creative with what was already in my closet.  I had a full length mirror and constantly played dress up sending my guy camera pics for approval.  Aside from that there wasn’t much preparation involved.  I think to feel the most beautiful you’ll want to be yourself…so I wouldn’t recommend changing anything.  Just be yourself and wear what you love most. 
What was your attitude the day of the shoot? 
The day of the shoot, I was a little nervous but for the most part I was beyond excited.  I knew this was going to be a fun opportunity to just say hey this is my day to be sexy and I’m going to enjoy it.  It’s alright to let your guard down and be playful about it all.  I think by doing this and feeling comfortable in my skin I was able to get the best results from my experience.  Show off your sensual side and let your beauty shine through. You won’t regret it. 
Did you trust Ivona, your photographer?  How did she make you feel?
Ivona was an amazing photographer to work with.  Like I said before, she reminds you of how beautiful you are and creates a comfortable environment.  One of my favorite parts was that she allowed me to see the boudoir photographs she had done for her husband.  She wouldn’t ask me to do anything that she herself wouldn’t do!
She reassures you that even she has insecurities.  She’ll tell you how even she has a bit of a belly but you won’t see this in the photographs. She knows just how to position you in order to see only the flattering angles.  In fact, I’m not at all a fan of my hips/legs, and she had me place my legs up on the wall for a highlight photo of this area of my body.  My first instinct was this is not at all flattering I’m sure, but after seeing the photos I was shocked at how much I loved even that pose, which has become one of my favorites! Trust her, she knows just how to make you look your best. 
How did you feel once your shoot was done?
I felt so incredible.  I remember it was all I could talk about for days.  I was so excited to tell Tyler all about the experience and how much I knew he would end up loving the photos. I had a glimpse of the photos in raw form and even at this point loved them. However after seeing the finished product and what Ivona was able to create and capture…I couldn’t have been more thrilled by the experience or the finished product!  
Would you do it again? Do you recommend this for all women?
I would absolutely do it again.  In fact, I plan to. I think that women forget how to enjoy being beautiful and this is the perfect way to treat yourself and remind yourself of that beauty.  I think we need to remember too that all women are gorgeous despite age and shape, and this is a wonderful way to embrace and capture that beauty. Ivona does an exceptional job at making this an artistic experience so you have no barriers or hesitation.  So yes, I would absolutely do this again and recommend it to all women. It makes the perfect gift for loved one or the perfect treat for yourself. 
Anything else you’d like to add?…
He doesn’t realize it yet because I’m saving it as a wedding day gift, but I’m so excited to give my husband-to-be this boudoir album.  It’s filled with his favorite photos, and I know it’ll be something he’ll love and can take along with him during deployment or anytime has has to be away from home. 
Thanks for giving us glimpse into your Boudoir Photo Shoot, M.!

If you’re interested in a Boudoir Photo shoot with me, you can shoot me an email at or fill out this form.  You can also check out more Boudoir photos HERE.

And you know me, I can’t blog without posting photos so here are a few of my most recent Boudoir shoot.  Enjoy! ***Of course, all photos posted with client’s permission.***

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