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“What did you do today?”

April 15, 2010

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I live away from 95% of my family and friends.  And as soon as we move to El Paso, TX, I’ll be away from 100% of my family and friends!  Of course, that’s only until I make more friends.  =)  But for the time being, everyone always asks, “what did you do today?”

What did I do today?!  I was so busy!  I still haven’t eaten and it’s 4 in the afternoon!  Wait, what did I do today?  I woke up at 7 b/c our neighbor forgot to switch their alarm clock to “off” instead of hitting snooze…again.  Well, then I e-mailed for an hour…and since then, I researched fashion photography to observe “what they do”…I tried to study light…attempted to, at least, until I got overwhelmed.  I added more workshops to my “Workshops to Attend” list.  Well, after that…which took 2? 3? noon…so about 4 hours…Well then I went to Lara Casey’s blog and that just took me to 25934938294 different links!!!  

These are seriously some of my days.  From researching light, fashion photography, inspirational articles, accounting software for small businesses, making idea lists for marketing and promotions.  Do you ever have these random days?  Sometimes I have these types of days…where I want to accomplish everything, and I actually get very little done.  Nevertheless, ideas are always brewing!

Here’s some insight into the crazy roadmap of my mind via links…(as of the past week)
Lara Casey and Southern Weddings Magazine
Unusually Fine Photography
Belle Magazine
Real Estate, anyone? is awesome!  We’re in the process of house shopping so humor me, =)
Jasmine Star’s Blog…she’s like my daily dose of chocolate!
Bartosz Jastal’s Blog.  He doesn’t blog often, but check out his main website.  I believe he’s switched it over to English…but even if it’s in Polish, you can manage to get around.
Mike Colon.  I’ve been watching his and Bob Davis‘s Master Your Craft DVD lately…lots of great info.!
And Guess Ads!  I just love them…there’s something raw about ’em, just like this one…

I hope you enjoy some of these links!  Feel free to comment and share your favorites!

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  1. Ag's Blog says:

    You've come so very far. Can't wait to see what else is in store for you!!!

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