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Ivona Dixon

Finao Album Swatches are Hot!

April 28, 2010

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Oh my gaaaauuush…did FedEx deliver me an amazing package today or WHAT?!  My album swatches from Finao came in today and I am in looOOOoove with them!  Silky, lacey brocades…soft genuine leathers that make you want to melt…woo! If Finao was my high school boyfriend, we’d be rounding second base!

I’m so happy to be able to do business with a hot company like Finao that allows me to deliver such a quality product to my clients!

There’s many more for you to choose from!  I think I received like 50 different delicious swatches…Honestly, photos don’t do these justice.  You gotta see ’em in person!  Have a great day!  and what’s up with this 50 degree weather?  Not cool, Mother Nature.

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  1. Ag's Blog says:

    Mother Nature is actually saying: 50 Degree Weather: Very Cool!

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