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I Turn to Mush!

May 18, 2010

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Do you have something that makes you melt at the sight of it?  That pulls at your heart strings, gives you butterflies and you know you’d pretty much do aaaaanything for?  These are the things that turn us into mush…a total bucket of sloshy slosh.  For me, there are two things that make me turn to mush.

Brad and (he’s gonna laugh, roll his eyes and say “oh gawd” when he reads this —->) …Babies
…And since I can’t have the former right now (or the latter, really), as he is training in Georgia…I feel bad for the babies I see because if they knew how puppy-dog pathetic I get when I see ’em, they’d probably laugh at me.  
This past weekend there was a baby at the wedding.  Sweet, tiny baby Colin is only a few weeks old and I just could not resist getting a few shots of him.  He was so peaceful so I turned off my flash as to not disturb him, and I grabbed a few shots inside the church.  
How sweet is he all cozied and snuggled up?  Ahhhhh…sloshy sloshy mush is me.  You should have seen his tiny toes…

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  1. Ag's Blog says:

    You will have Bradley back soon. JP will have a baby soon. Those two things will have to do, for now! Cute pic!!!

  2. Awww – he is so sweet, all curled up. Who can blame you for being mush?

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