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Somewhere in Texas…

June 26, 2010

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There’s been a request for more videos and I’m happy to share. I plan on video-ing every so often since we are so far from family and friends, and I think it always brings some comfort to see the people that you love “live” or moving… For me, it’s kind of “scary” to post videos because it’s my life in raw form. But!! I don’t want to fear people’s judgements. Because that’s just silly and a waste of time.
Along the same lines, I opened iMovie for the first time yesterday and I really need to take the time to learn it so that I can put together a video montage of sorts. But for now, you’re getting me and my husband in raw form! I promise to post some photos and photography related posts soon! Until then, this is one of the videos from our road trip. Lol…it cracks me up… You may have to turn up your volume a bit to hear Brad’s little comments. I’m still getting used to the Flip Cam and clearly, the mic on it needs to be closest to who ever (whom ever?) is speaking. Enjoy!
Okay…so blogger is having trouble uploading the video so you can view it on my facebook profile page! See you there!

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