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Ivona Dixon

N’s Boudoir

June 28, 2010

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We were hanging out at the pool one last time, and N mentioned how she wished she had done a boudoir session with me before I left Morgantown. There was no hesitation-Come over tomorrow! I blurted out. No friend of mine was going to have a “shoulda coulda woulda” moment as long as me and my Canons are involved!

The next day, N came armed with everything from belly dancing hip scarves to her favorite little kimono robe and enough sass and sweetness that made me count my lucky stars for such a wonderful and willing model!
It was a little while ago that Jasmine Star hit the nail on the head with her blog post, “Permission to Feel Beautiful.” There’s nothing better than to have a client in front of your lens that feels comfortable enough to look into your lens as if she was looking into her man’s eyes. I urge all my clients and all other photographers’ clients to GO FOR IT! Feel cute, be cute! Be girly and sassy and sexy! So…in essence, I give you permission to look at me and my camera as if I am the best lover you’ve ever had, haha.
In all seriousness, I’m glad we had the chance for a last-minute boudoir session, N! I miss you! You’re beautiful and adorable and thank you for your patience as I’ve been road-tripping and moving in and renovating. I’ll talk to you soon, Sweetheart! For now, enjoy just a glance of your fabulousness and sweetness.

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