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Inspiration from my Sister

July 12, 2010

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She was always there for me. Whether it was keeping me safe from the big dog at our elementary school bus stop or listening to me rave or vent about the latest in my life. Even now, being 3,000 or so miles away, my sister, Agnes, is still always there for me…Although, she probably doesn’t realize the impact she has on me every single day.
Every morning for about the past three months, I’ve woken up and started reading her blog. I know her voice and she’s hilarious… and I feel closer knowing what she’s doing every day, how she’s feeling and being able to read about her never-ending journey and best attitude about moving forward with her goals and reaching her sky high standards for her life.
Well, she recently wrote a post that really struck a chord with me. We are all working towards goals and there may be struggles that come up. However, it’s the way we deal with ourselves, and with feelings of frustration that will truly let us know how successful we’ll be in overcoming those obstacles and frustrations. You can read her post HERE…or keep reading… And although her blog is about CRON, health and running…this post (among many others from her blog), are relative towards all situations, careers, journeys…

“…Sunday, July 11, 2010

Run Your Own Race

Whenever I’m racing, I try to remind myself that this run or race is my own, and no one else’s. I sometimes catch myself looking at someone in front of me, and wanting to pass them, but then I always bring myself back, and tell myself to Run My Own Race.

I think this is very applicable to CR and Health and to Career & Life.

Yet, it is easy to veer off this Run Your Own Race path, and compare ourselves to others. And it’s always and forever like comparing apples to oranges or black to white or whatever incomparable comparison one can think of. The gifts that we have, others don’t. The gifts that others have, we don’t have. We were all raised different, provided with different resources, made different choices along the way, and had to overcome our very own challenges & obstacles. All at the pace that we thought was best.

I recognized early on that to be my very best, I had to play my very own game. I never quite cared when anyone else thought, and this is true today more than ever. I always strive to build my foundation on what was and is important to me today, and where I want to be tomorrow, and always based on being kind & honest w myself and everyone along the way.

In regards to health & CR, just like with everything, there will always be people doing a bit better, and doing a bit worst, and the key is to be grateful for both, and most thankful for your very own health.

Wherever you are today is your foundation, and now it’s time to race, at your very own pace….”

Isn’t she so smart? I love her…

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  1. E says:

    Yes, I think Agg is so smart and she is such a great , loving person…and I can say the same things about you…:)

  2. E says:

    Yes she is a kind, smart and loving person …and I can say the same things about you…

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