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Fort Bliss/El Paso Spa!-Army Thursday

July 15, 2010

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Our preference list? Six top choices? We had no idea what to write down…and the conversation (that seems like forever ago…maybe 1.5 years ago?) went a little like this…
-Well, what are our choices?
-Fort Polk, Louisiana…Fort Sill, Oklahoma…Middle of Nowhere, Kentucky…(No offense. Hey! I lived
in West Virginia the past six years of my life…)
-Umm…..Oh look! There’s one in Texas! Texas is fun, right?
-Well, it’s Fort Bliss…
-Well, at least it’ll be hot and it won’t rain…(It’s funny…now, I miss rain-why did we get grass? :::sigh:::)

Once we got news that we got our fourth choice on the list, we tried to research and there just wasn’t that much out there. So, in an effort to try to put more information out there, I decided about a week ago that I wanted to start dedicating one or two days a week to blogging about Army stuff. I feel like there’s never enough information out there, so I hope these weekly or bi-weekly posts help any Army families…especially if you’re coming to Fort Bliss, TX! (I also get popular demands for “tell us more about El Paso!” from my family and friends, so I’ll try to keep things interesting. I miss you all, by the way!)
So far, our three weeks at Fort Bliss and El Paso has been good…6 out of 10, if you will. I actually feel like we lucked out by having Bliss as our first duty station. (There’s a few reasons, but I’ll save that for another post.) El Paso seems to be a very convenient city with all the franchised stores that you could ever imagine (although I haven’t seen a Whole Foods or Harris Teeter yet). Everything is 5-20 minutes away and there’s no way to get lost in El Paso. There are two major highways (54 and 10) and if you do get lost, just get on the 375 loop (which apparently makes one big circle around the entire city).
So, after three weeks of painting and cleaning and organizing, I thought what better way to truly enjoy El Paso than by doing one of my most favorite things! I was very happy that the previous day, Brad told me there was a salon and spa right on post. You gotta love a husband who encourages his wife to treat herself to some pampering! So, off I went to Selah Spa for a much needed pedicure! M., a lovely woman who has lived in El Paso for most of her life, happily answered all my million and one questions about El Paso while she was painting my toes a deep coral red color. Besides pedicures and manicures to pretty yourself with at Selah Spa, you can also enjoy couples massages (hellooooo first anniversary!), body wraps, and facials, among many other services. I seriously can’t wait to get a massage there!!
I think the highlight of my trip to the spa was walking in and seeing two soldiers in their ACUs (the camo uniform) sipping on glasses of wine. They were getting the most deserving facials and massages as they had just gotten back from Iraq/Afghanistan. …Being raised in Jersey since I was five, some of the boys in high school went tanning regularly so it was really cute to see them in there actually.
Well, my pedicurist told me about all the things to do in El Paso, so I’ll write more as I explore all of those options!!! Until then, enjoy the day…and here’s a quick photo of El Paso at night from my view at home…

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  1. Ag's Blog says:

    Home is where teh spa is!

  2. E says:

    love all the pics !

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