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El Paso Boudoir Photography | FAQ’s

August 16, 2010

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I thought I’d start off the week with some Frequently Asked Questions that I get about Boudoir photo shoots!  Let me know if you have any other questions…these are just the ones I get most often… =) 

What should I wear?
I always tell my clients to bring outfits that they feel sexiest in.  Whatever makes you feel hot…your favorite lingerie, cute bra and panties, a pair of tight jeans, high high heels, an off the shoulder shirt, one of your husband’s shirts (button-up or an old favorite t-shirt), one of his ACU tops… If your man is a die-hard sports fan, bring his jersey or a baseball cap.  If he loves to dress up, bring his favorite tie.  If you’re about to get married and the Boudoir Album will be his wedding day gift, bring your garter and veil!  Sometimes we may feel sexiest in a white tank top and a favorite pair of underwear, and if that’s the case then great! Bring it! Earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces are fun too!  

Should I get my hair and make-up done?
It’s definitely not necessary, but if you feel like it, go for it!  I’ve had a few clients go to a salon before their photo shoot, and they looked great…but so did the clients who did their own hair and make-up.  When I did my boudoir shoot for my husband (it was his wedding day gift!), I did my own hair and make-up and I loved my photos.  It’s totally up to you! 

I have a little extra lovin’ on me/scars/stuff that makes me feel self-conscious.  
First off, you do not have to be a certain size for a boudoir shoot!  We are all built differently and most of us wish we could change some things about our bodies.  However, YOU are beautiful no matter what size you are and your man fell in love with you because you make him feel amazing, and he only hopes that he makes you feel just as good about yourself.  To make you feel better about how your album will turn out, please know that I am very confident in my re-touching and “enhancement” skills.  I have studied, practiced, researched and completed a workshop on the topic, so you can trust me.  You will obviously still look like yourself, but if you ate a big breakfast before you came to your photo shoot, or if you’re like me and you think your arms/thighs always look big, then you should feel at ease.  If you’d like to see before/after photos, please e-mail me personally at So, if you have scars, moles, the lovely after effects of giving birth, I can take care of it.  =)  I also know the right positions to put you in that will make you look and feel amazing!

When will I get the album?
I suggest booking your boudoir session at least one month before you plan on giving your boyfriend, fiance, husband the boudoir album. 

Do I need to send a deposit?
Yes, I require a $100 retainer (non-refundable).  When I receive your deposit, you will receive a receipt, and I will get your album order started.  Each album is handcrafted by the fabulous Finao Album Company!  You get to choose your fabric…everything from laces and faux leathers to suedes and suit-like fabrics. 

Feel free to e-mail me, comment or write on my facebook page if you have any other questions!  Happy Monday! 

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  1. What great tips! It sounds like you know just what to say to make people feel comfortable! That is just awesome! I am visiting via the comment you left at Jasmine Star's blog this morning. Nice to meet you 🙂

  2. Ivona says:

    Aww, thanks so much! I hope I have that affect on my clients. =) Nice to meet you too Kaishon!

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