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It’s Me – Guest Blogging in regards to Boudoir Photography

August 21, 2010

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Dear Photography by Ivona readers, supporters, consumers and friends,
It’s Ivonka’s older sister guest blogging and thank you so very much for reading.  I am so excited to “guest blog” because I’m absolutely wild about my sister and extremely impressed with her business, and her latest venture in Boudoir photography.  Officially: Boudoir by Ivona.  
This morning, while we sat in her kitchen, watching the El Paso sun come up, while drinking our green smoothies, we talked about business, photography, and her passion for Boudoir photography.  The clients Ivona photographs are beautiful women who want to document, via stunning photographs, their love for themselves and their strong, madly in love partners.  What gorgeous man wouldn’t want to see his beautiful woman, in lingerie, feeling and looking absolutely passionate?  Our mission as human beings is to feel our very best each and every day, because when we feel our very best, we do our very best.
Outside of my passion for kindness, health, optimal nutrition, running each day and building true wealth, I am absolutely in love with feeling like a gorgeous, hot, passionate, and full of love woman.  Women are beautiful, stunning creatures that give love, get love, and what better way to document this than via classic Boudoir photography.
Ivona took a few Boudoir shots of me, and most of these photos are staying in a digital vault on my computer.  I’m still thrilled to have these fabulous shots of myself, looking as lovely on the outside, as I feel on the inside.
What a splendid gift for yourself, or the man or woman you love?  These are timeless photos that you can enjoy each day, and ones that will allow you to constantly remind yourself to feel as sexy on the inside, as you look on the outside.
To loving your gorgeous self, each and every day.  
Yours truly,

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