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President Obama Visits Fort Bliss!

September 1, 2010

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I had no idea what to expect.  I came prepared with a tripod…because it seemed like the “journalistic” thing to do and a telephoto lens (thank you Dan and Kristin!) that was way to heavy for my little biceps (thank you tripod!).  The huuuuge Air Force One rolled slowly towards the media, soldiers and families that were awaiting President Obama’s arrival.  As the plane approached, my breaths turned deep…and slow… and I felt myself starting to choke up.  If you know me, you know that I’m very emotional.  Emotional in the way of feeling grateful for everything that we have, the opportunities that are given to us and the control of our destinies that we possess.  I hid behind my sunglasses until I knew I’d have to wipe my eyes or streaks of black mascara would reveal my vulnerability.

I was very honored that Monica Tucker of Army Wife Magazine and Fort Bliss Spouses (on facebook) asked me to accompany her as her photographer for President Obama’s visit.  She totally didn’t have to ask me, as I photograph weddings, beautiful women and babies…Obama and his secret service men are not my typical clients, but it was an opportunity I could never pass up!  So, thank you Monica!  I had an amazing and fun time!

Here is General Pittard with Mayor John Cook…

Air Force One!

President Obama, Pittard and Davenport walking towards the crowd to shake some hands…

President Obama also made a speech tonight announcing that the goal is for the 50,000 troops remaining in Iraq, to be out by 2011.  Woo hoo!  I’m sure we’ll make great progress in Afghanistan, as well.  
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Have a great week!

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