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Ivona Dixon

Latin Lounge

October 13, 2010

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Dancing around my kitchen, practicing the salsa steps we learned at the Shundo Dance Studio.  Bopping and swaying my head while sitting in our new papasan chair with my laptop on my lap.  Singing along with the lyrics that I have not yet translated.  

If you were to check in on me every day, that is exactly what you would see.  I’m always listening to music and currently my choice of music is a disc my mom picked up while we visited the little shops in Mesilla, NM.  It’s called Latin Lounge by Putumayo World Music.  I looooove the songs on this disc.  I have a feeling this is the music I’ll play at my next few boudoir shoots.  The songs have attitude and soul, they’re full of smoothe Latin vibes and just very relaxing.  I love love love!  Here’s a photo of the cover…
I’m huge on music.  I’m constantly listening to it, dancing to it and discovering new artists and new sites.  If you have any recommendations for me, please comment below or shoot me an email at!  I would looove it!  
I also recommend, Kami Knake’s BUTR (Bands Under the Radar) Podcast on iTunes-she also has an app- and I just learned about from my friend Natalie who is dedicating a year in Uganda.  Have a lovely Wednesday!

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