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Boudoir in Military Spouse Magazine

February 8, 2011

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A few weeks ago, I was walking through the commissary (military post grocery store) and I couldn’t help but pick up the latest issue of “Military Spouse” magazine.  On the front cover was a pin-up style photo of a Navy wife and a few of the sub-headlines were “good lovin’-your sexy pinups keep him going!” and “deployment left you both cold? – reignite desire and reclaim your intimacy.”  How could I not want to know what’s inside, being a boudoir photographer and all?!

I’m thrilled that boudoir photography is growing and gaining more attention!  It really is such a perfect gift for any occasion and reason.  And if you are a military spouse, this is a perfect gift for deployments, or time away from one another.  One of my very first clients did a boudoir session for her boyfriend who was away at AIT training.  When he was at his initial training and they couldn’t talk on the phone, they wrote each other love letters so we included those in her shoot and took some “Pearl Harbor” type photos.

Another one of my clients is currently giving a year of her life to a group of girls in Africa, teaching them how to better their life…and I know she’s learning and receiving a lot in return.  However, before she left for her year-long trip, she wanted to make sure her boyfriend had a little piece of her.  We did her boudoir shoot and each month while she’s gone, her bf gets to see a new boudoir photo of his favorite girl.

So, this post is meant to inspire you!  Each couple may go through times of separation whether it be a business trip, a deployment, a weekend conference, a training trip, etc.  How awesome would it be to surprise your significant other with your boudoir book right before they walked out the door?  You would be girlfriend/wife of the year!

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