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Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top! | All Inclusive Outlet Contest

February 24, 2011

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Good Morning bloggy readers! 
This doesn’t happen often….I have a huuuuge favor to ask.  My friend Julie and I, and our men, (both named Brad!) are trying to win a free trip to Jamaica.  The photo with the most “LIKES” wins, and we definitely need your help!  We are in the top 5, and we need to be number 1!!!  It’ll literally take 10 seconds to do this favor for us and I promise to post some amazing photo from Jamaica if we win.  
This is all you have to do. 
Go to this site:  and click the LIKE at the top of the screen (that will make you a fan of their page).  Then go to the ‘Breezes Photo Contest’ album in their photos. Our photo is #22. Just click the LIKE button on our photo!!! (You have to LIKE All Inclusive Outlet first, in order to see the like button come up under our photo.)  
You really would be the absolute best if you would do this for us!  Here’s the photo so you can easily recognize it once you get into the album.  Contest ends tomorrow morning!  Thank you!!

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