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Ivona Dixon

Being Away

March 11, 2011

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Being Away.  It’s part of my life.  And it has been since I was five years old.

In 1991, my parents decided to move us from Poland into the states.  We landed in New Jersey.  I was there until I was 18.  For college, I wanted to learn about a completely different culture with different people so I went away once again, this time to West Virginia University.  During my time at WVU, I wanted to explore even more, so I studied abroad in Italy for four months.  I always knew I would study abroad, even in middle school I knew.  After college and after Brad and I got married, the Army said, “You’re going to Texas!”  So here we are.  Away from all we’ve known, or haven’t known.  But it’s good.  It’s not scary or painful for me to be away.  I’ve dealt with change my entire life so if there isn’t change, that would feel weird.

And I’m not saying that I don’t miss my family.  The lunches, the dinner get-togethers, the baby showers and birthdays.  I wish I could be there.

However, we always know that our family and friends are only a text, phone call, wall post or piece of mail away.  Everyone’s still there…we’re just away.

Can you believe we beat out Santa Clause!?

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