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DJ Tone Capone | New Jersey Photographer

March 23, 2011

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With his passion for people and music, Anthony started DJing when he was just a teenager.  For him, music is one of those things that he would never want to live without.  But it goes deeper than that.  To have a love for music as big as he does, you need to dive deeper into the roots.  Where did this song come from?  What do these lyrics mean to me and you and to the artist?

I could see the fire when DJ Tone Capone, as he has come to be known as, began to tell me about his upcoming vacation to Jamaica.  Among all the various genres of music that he listens to and plays, reggae sits towards the top.  I’m excited for him to meet the people, explore the city outside of the resort and get immersed!  I know he is too.

DJ Tone Capone and his business, High Definition Music Entertainment reside in New Jersey.  While I was there last week, we took some time out for promo pics.  I really enjoy doing fun, different shoots like this one.  I wanted a very gritty and urban feel for his photos, so we drove to the perfect spot.  It was also a bit of a dangerous spot, but what’s a life without a little risk?  We made it out with some great shots!  Here are a few of my faves…

 Thank you for the opportunity, DJ Tone Capone!

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