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Ivona Dixon

John & Gregg | El Paso Commitment Ceremony Photographer

June 30, 2011

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Believe in love.
Believe in loyalty.
Believe in support.
Believe in respect.
Believe in kindness.

Believe in all these attributes and practice them every day.  Not only for those who you’ve known for years, but those who you’ve known for weeks, days or minutes.  What you’ll see form around yourself is a circle of friends and family who will give all these things right back to you and more.

This was exactly the scene at John and Gregg’s commitment ceremony.  Friends and loved ones stood around the couple, a few taking turns to speak so graciously and lovingly about John and Gregg…how they are individually, and how they are together.  Tears and even more laughs were shared amongst everyone who traveled from Georgia, Alabama and here, El Paso.  And then John and Gregg took turns saying their vows of commitment and love for one another.  Under that tent, under the warm sun, you could not help but be swallowed up into the emotion and love of the day.  It was such a pleasure and honor to photograph your day, John and Gregg.  Thank you so much for the opportunity—I can only hope I did your love justice through the lens.

Ardovino’s Desert Crossing offers the most perfect intimate space…

John and Gregg had old photos blown up onto canvas.  It was like walking through a gallery of their lives…

 So handsome!


The jazz singer and her band were amazing!…Havana Quintet, I believe. 

 Gregg with his daughter Brittany…

Gregg and John with their mothers…

 You can tell by the expressions on their faces that they did not want to cut into this piece of art!

A few thank-you’s…

 Thank you, again, and enjoy your photos!

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  1. Ag's Blog says:

    Gorgeous. Love the green accents at the reception. Congrats to them!!!

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