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I’m Just Like You | Trust Your Photographer

August 3, 2011

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An interesting thing happened today.  
Next week, I have a photo shoot with the ever-amazing Kristen Swanson. I’ll be getting some promo photos taken for my website and blog–it’s time for an update!  I started thinking about it and planning for it today, and I began to get SO nervous.  What should I wear?  I should probably get my hair cut–these split ends are taking over.  Should I do my make-up myself?  I need to buy a necklace.  Which shoes should I wear?  Ugh…I hope my face will look okay.  Should I get a pedicure?  Well, depends on the shoes…but we won’t be taking pictures of my feet.  It’s so hot here…I hope I won’t be sweaty in the photos.     
Umm…hellooo?!  I mean, of all people, us photographers should feel the most comfortable in front of the camera, right?  WRONG.  We are just like you.  I believe that no matter if you are a photographer, psychologist, lawyer, business person…whenever you are on the receiving end of whatever you do, you’re going to go through the same mental and behavioral process as your clients.  I always make an effort to sympathize with my clients when they come in for their photo shoot, but I guess this is a good reminder about how nerve-wrecking it can actually be for some people.  Besides a little playing around in front of the camera here and there, the last time I had professional photos taken was for our wedding in October two-thousand niiiiiine.  
So, let’s over come this.  I want to be relaxed and confident.  
  • First off, I think the most important thing is to trust. your. photographer!  I completely trust Kristen–I mean, have you seen her work?  The woman is amazing–maybe I should wear my wedding gown to the photo shoot??? =)  
  • Second, I’ll do some things to prepare.  I’ll lay out some outfits, try ’em all on and take my own photo in them to make sure I like how the shirt or pants or dress makes me look.
  • Maybe I’ll try a few different hair/make-up combos.  
  • I think I’ll go through some photos of myself and pick out my favorite ones.  Am I smiling in these?  Am I serious?  Do I have a favorite “side” of myself?  etc etc…  

Sure, this sounds like a lot of time to invest for the preparation of a photo shoot, but for someone who’s a bit nervous like me, it’s worth it.  And it’s not everyday or every year that I get my photo taken, so I want to make these count.  If you’re anything like me and you have a photo shoot coming up, try some of the above steps.  It may help to ease your nervousness, and the most important thing is to trust that your photographer will do an amazing job–that’s why you chose them, right?  

No blog post is complete without a photo, so here’s one of my favorites from our wedding–October 3, 2009.
*Just as I was finishing this blog post, a boudoir client that I have in a few days called to ask a few questions and she said “I don’t know if this is normal, but I’m really nervous.”  What a coincidence!  We talked a bit, and I hope this blog post will help!*
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Ag's Blog says:

    Love this post. Good to remember you must give up control, and let great photos happen! Can't wait to see what KS does. Will be beautiful I'm sure. And I can't wait to see what you do about this big ball I'm carrying.

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