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Video Friday! | Slice of life

August 5, 2011

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Round 3 of Video Friday, Slice of life!

I have a lot of fun putting these together because I know when I look back on these little videos later on, even a year from now, it’ll be a short and sweet reminder of my past everyday life.  I just wish I was better at remembering to record things!  I only have 3 scenes this week, but if I was on a reality show and I had cameras following me around, then today would have been pretty entertaining because today was the second time within a week that I locked myself out of my house.  Aaaand this is probably the 5th time it’s happened in the past year.  I have no idea why I keep doing this.  So today I made two more copies of my key to give to good neighbors and friends.  This will make three that we have floating around the ‘hood.  :::sigh::::

Here are the details for the video!
1 – I dominate.
2 – Salon de Ivona.  I get tips in back rubs.
3 – Sasha doesn’t like pedicures…and my laugh is kinda funky! muaaahahaha

Happy Friday!!!!

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