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Video Friday! | Slice of Life

August 12, 2011

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Round 4 of Video Friday!

Here are the details:
1) I wish I could be this little again and run around in my pajamas!
2) Rainbow, rainbow!
3) Support your Troops!  Have you seen that show, “Surprise Homecoming.”  It’s the best and worst show ever.  I can’t watch it anymore…too many tears.
4) I love driving over Transmountain.  I thought the sky and clouds looked wild.  I must have a thing for weather since we don’t get much variation of it here in El Paso.
5) Our house holds two people and five computers.  I remember setting up our first ever computer with my mom back in the ’90s.  It was a Gateway, and there were a gazillion wires.  Now, it’s one plug and you’re set.  Thank goodness!

Happy Friday!  Be safe and have fun!

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