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November 21, 2011

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I’m almost afraid to start typing this blog post because I know the tears will come soon after.  It’s just so incredible how a new baby in the family can make you feel.  They’re so tiny and little and helpless, and they have no idea of the power that they hold over you.  Granted, I’m not a mother yet, and I’m sure the feelings are much stronger, but even as his aunt, I would do anything for this child.

And so, my first duty as Atreyu’s photographer-aunt was to take his photos!  There will be many more photo shoots for this little chubby baby in the year(s) to come, but that thursday afternoon, these photos were just enough…

Here he is four days before his one-month birthday!

 He has the most plump lips I’ve ever seen on a baby…soooo sweet…

This next photo was actually taken when Atreyu was just three days old.  My sister was taking a nap with her son, and I couldn’t resist…

To see all of Atreyu’s photos, please visit his website.  For more information regarding a photo shoot for your baby (or to “gift” a photo shoot for someone you love), please visit my website or contact me directly at: | office: 915.412.6652 | cell: 609.731.1598. 
Happy Monday and I wish you lots of baby love in your life! 

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