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Mo & Jackie | Santa Teresa Wedding Photographer

December 2, 2011

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He pointed to a painting of Michelangelo’s, “The Creation of Adam,” and said “this is important, if you can get it into the photo.”  Mo directed my attention, and I continued to shoot.  I didn’t know why it might be important until about 20 minutes later when Mo and Jackie were exchanging heartfelt messages to one another in front of all their family and friends.

Simply put, Michelangelo created masterpieces…and Mo wanted Jackie to know that when she had made her way down that aisle just minutes before, she was a part of his masterpiece.  They were creating a life together that was beautiful and unique, full of different brush strokes, where each one stood for something different in their lives.  Whether it was studying at 3 AM for the next exam at U-TEP, or adopting four siblings who needed loving parents.

And for that…Mo and Jackie are the most deserving couple to have “won” their wedding.  On Valentines’ Day this past year, after entering a contest with Power 102 and Kara’s Bridal, Mo came into the radio station that morning completely unaware that his sincere letter won him and Jackie a dream wedding day…

           “…My girlfriend of 4 years and I are in the process of adopting 4 kids abandoned by their mom. We were once saving money for a wedding, but now that our lives have changed, our goals have also…While the process that we are going through is long and difficult, we would not change a thing!  The joy that we have gotten from our decision and knowing that we are making a difference in 4 lives has and always will be worth it…If we could have an opportunity like this to have a fairytale wedding, it would mean the world, especially because I believe that she (Jackie) deserves the world…

Needless to say, Mo and Jackie are extremely self-less and extremely loving.  Their warm hearts are reflected in the friends and family that surrounded them this past Saturday as they became husband and wife…and I was honored to photograph their love…

 Mo and Jackie with their family…Julissa, Ricky, Julian and Sebastian

 We headed over to Austin High School….possibly my favorite…

Gorgeous and fierce (And El Paso’s very own Lea Michelle from Glee, right?!)

I realize this next photo is out of focus…but I like to refer to it as a “Happy Accident…”

Santa Teresa Country Club is beautiful…and I couldn’t resist having some fun with Mo and Jackie as they waited to be announced…

 Jackie’s dress was customized just for her by Kara’s Bridal!

Aaaand about the “Groom’s cake”…it was hilarious and such a cute idea.  Jackie here, has invaded Mo’s land and is going to hunt him down!  So fun…and delicious. =)

 and “Mo”…as the lego groom…

Oh Santa Teresa Country Club…I had so much fun with the twinkle lights on your ceiling…


I’m blessed with very fun couples!…

The microphone was passed around to all the tables and anyone who would like to say something, got a chance to do so.  Sebastian here, made everyone teary-eyed as he thanked Mo and jackie for everything that they have done for them…and then he made everyone laugh so hard when he said, “…aaaand we can’t wait to go to Disney World!!!”…

 …and their reaction…

 First dance as Mr. and Mrs.

Congratulations to you, Mo and Jackie!  IT’s an honor to know you and to have photographed your wedding day!  I wish you lots of health, wealth and happiness!

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