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December 8, 2011

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*All photos posted with client’s permission*  warning: very risque!

“Believe me! the photo shoot is on my mind every day and I am totally excited about it!  Can’t wait to meet you!!”  When I sent S. a confirmation e-mail a few days prior to her boudoir shoot, what I received in return was enthusiasm and excitement!  As a photographer, there’s nothing better than that!  And on the day of the photo shoot, I got even more.  I got a beautiful woman who trusted me when I asked her to imagine that when she looked at my camera, she was looking at her man’s eyes.  I listened to this very real woman tell me about her daughter.  She told me what each of her tattoos stood for.  And she told me about her “could be a movie” love story.

Most of all, I think I started a friendship, at least a semi-professional, one with a gorgeous woman, inside and out.  I learned a little bit about her beauty on the inside…and you can certainly see how beautiful she is on the outside…

 You know me!  I love my black and whites.  I love the contrast between her dark eye liner/eye shadow and the light color of her lips…LOOOVE it!

The sunlight was streaming in pretty hard, but I didn’t mind it so much…I think it gives a little something to the photo rather than if she was in perfectly even light…

S. has her man in Afghanistan right now, and if I were him, I’m not sure how I would handle the next few months being away!

After my photo shoot with S., i decided that if for some act of God, he wanted to turn me into a red head, I would be totally okay with it!!!  So fierce!

Thank you, S. for allowing me to share some of your photos!  You are stunning!

For more information on scheduling your boudoir photo shoot, please check out my boudoir gallery, and contact me: | Office: 915.412.6652 | Cell: 609.358.1114

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