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A Boudoir Interview with Trinady | El Paso Boudoir Photography

March 9, 2012

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Trinady first contacted me while she was in Afghanistan on a deployment.  She seemed very eager to do a boudoir shoot from her emails, so I was very much looking forward to meeting her and hearing her story.  When we first started T’s photo shoot, she told me that as soon as she had come back from her deployment, her husband had to leave and go on his deployment.  I shook my head and though, I can’t even imagine what that must be like.  
We went on with her photo shoot and continued to talk about everything and anything.  I got the sense that Trinady is very strong, a little tom-boyish, a little soft-spoken (although her job requires otherwise), but she made my heart melt a little when she turned her head, looked up at me and said, “I just want to feel pretty…”

Photography by Ivona:  First, tell us about yourself!
Trinady:  My name is Trinady, I’m 31 years old, a wife, mother of two and a Soldier.
PBI:  Why did you decide to do a boudoir shoot now (versus last year or 5 years from now)?  
T: I decided to do a boudoir shoot now because I recently came home from a very long deployment and I wanted to do something for myself that made me feel like a young sexy woman. To remind myself that sometimes it’s ok to be a girl and to be able to look at myself and say “Damn I’m hot”. Twenty years from now I’ll look at these photos and be able to remember this time of my life. I’m a warrior. 

PBI: What made you decide to do it with me, Ivona?/Why did you choose Ivona as your boudoir photographer?

T:  I chose Ivona because the photos I saw were amazing and tasteful.
PBI:  How did you feel going into your boudoir shoot?
T:  I felt a little worried that I had to many flaws to be able to make these pictures look as good as I hoped for.
PBI:  How did you overcome those concerns?
T:  I sucked it up and just did it.  They came out awesome!
PBI:  Tell us what it was like to be photographed by Ivona?  

T:  It was pretty entertaining. I had loads of fun.

PBI:  What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?
T:  The moments when Ivona wanted me to laugh she would say or do something that was really goofy and it worked every time.
PBI:  What surprised you most about your boudoir experience?
T:  The finished results were awesome. I was surprised at how well they turned out. Who knew I could look so great.
PBI:  Tell us about your favorite image from your boudoir shoot! 
T:  My favorite photo was the one where I’m silhouetted laying in front of the big window.  It’s in black and white, and when I look at it, it makes me feel feminine and sexy. Just what I was hoping for.
PBI:  Would you do a boudoir shoot again?  Would you recommend a boudoir shoot to other women?  
T:  Yes, I would definitely do it again and recommend it for every women.
PBI:  Any advice for women who are thinking about doing a boudoir shoot?
T:  Just trust that the photographer knows what she’s doing and will do whatever needs to be done to make you look amazing.
PBI:  Do you have anything else you’d like to add?
T:  Thanks so much this was a wonderful experience.
And thank YOU for sharing your experience with all of us, Trinady!  I personally enjoyed your photo shoot and hearing about your life so so much.  You are beautiful, inside and out. 
For more information on scheduling your boudoir photo shoot, please check out my boudoir gallery, and contact me today! | Office: 915.412.6652 | Cell: 609.358.1114

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