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March 22, 2012

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I just re-read my birthday post from last year.  It’s fun to see where my head was at a year go.  Last year, I felt very free…but at the same time, if I’m honest, I think I felt “stuck.”  I wasn’t sure what move to make next, in my life, my self-improvements and with my business.  Maybe I just feel a lot more free now because I’ve found direction and more purpose.  I’m still the same, I’m just becoming “more of me” if that makes sense. =)  I know what I want, I’m stronger and smarter.  and more pregnant, haha.

I always find myself looking through my iphone photos…so I thought a collage would be a fun way to commemorate my 26th birthday!

I could include a lot more, but here are nine random things from the past year.  Each photo means a lot more to me than just what is on the surface, and I’m sure everyone has their own habits, hobbies, values, etc. that stand out to them…and here are mine!  Enjoy and thank you to everyone who has left lovely birthday messages and wishes for me!  Loving my 20s!

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