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Ivona Dixon

Boudoir Photos and the Style

April 12, 2012

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*All photos posted with Client’s permission.*

“So what’s a boudoir shoot like?  What happens?”  I have friends ask me these questions, and in all honesty, I could talk about boudoir for hours on end, but to keep it (semi) short and sweet, I thought I’d focus on the types of photos I take during your boudoir shoot.

I definitely have my own style of the type of photo that I like to take.  My work is very subtly sexy…it’s sensual and flirtatious.  after all, when we hold back a little bit, we’re mysterious…and mystery is sexy.  Your photo shoot will go something like this…”slowly brush your hair with your fingers”…..”look away…and in three seconds, glance over at me.”  I love creating photos this way…the style, the feel and mood that it creates!  It’s very me, and that’s simply the way that I love to shoot!   
So, onto the photos!  I recently had the pleasure of photographing J.  She might be my youngest client, but her smart attitude and the way she presents herself is years beyond her.   So this is what would happen…I first start you off with what I call “feel good” poses.  I have you nice and stretched out, and we emphasize the curves of your silhouette and body.  Here is one such photo… I take a lot of these types of photos, where you can look out the window and not at my camera just yet.  It’s like a “warm-up.”  =)   
Besides her rockin’ figure, J. has this tattoo running down her torso.  I definitely want to show off your personality and uniqueness! 
For the record, J. had recently come back from a deployment where she worked out hard every day!  And it shows!  

At this point, I slowly start moving into you poses where you naturally start to feel and, therefore, look demure and flirty.  If i have you lay on your side, you will naturally lay in a way that’s comfortable.  You might cross one leg over the other and your hips will take the shape of their curve…as if you were laying in bed or on the sofa.  Of course, being in front of a camera can be nerve-wrecking and sometimes we tend to freeze up, so I always demonstrate and can guide you through the poses.  

I’ll say something like, “look out the window…now look down towards yourself, as if you’re checking yourself out…aaand look at me…” click! and then we get this photo!…Love it. Natural, subtle, beautiful. 
As time passes during your photo shoot, you’ll become more and more relaxed and comfortable.  We’ll often take a break from all the “sexy” and I like to get a few pretty and simple portraits.  J. and her husband ride motorcycles, so she put on his leather vest for a few photos!  
Towards the end of your photo shoot, I like to do a series of images with sheets and linens.  There’s something desirable about the warm tone of your skin against a crisp white sheet.  As always, everything will look as natural as possible…the way your legs are posed, the way you’re holding onto the sheet.  I love taking my time with this because the more natural you look with the sheet, the more relaxed and comfortable you’ll feel…and that’ll show on your beautiful face!  I made J. laugh in this next photo…and what’s more sexy and adorable than a woman who’s wrapped up in a sheet and laughing? 😉 

One of the beautiful things about being a woman is your curves.  The way your back arches, your hips, even the softness of your face.  Maybe you have very full lips or high cheekbones.  Maybe your eyebrows beautifully frame your face, drawing us towards your eyes.  For me, I love the decolletage of a woman…your neck, collar bone and shoulders, leading down to your cleavage and chest.  It’s where we spray our perfume.  It’s why we choose bras, lingerie and even clothes (depending on the occasion) that will accentuate that part of us.

And finally, we’ll end your photo shoot with a few more portraits.  I want to see YOU in these photos.  I want your eyes to sparkle and to evoke a certain feeling or mood.  The “say it with your eyes” shot.  J. looks like a pro here, ready for a Calvin Klein billboard advertisement… but trust me when I say that each photo is created with guidance from me.  We’re all regular women, with busy lives, who want to take a time-out and indulge in ourselves, if even for just a few hours.    

For more information on scheduling your boudoir photo shoot, contact me today! | Office: 915.412.6652 | Cell: 609.358.1114
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  1. MOCHA says:

    Very nice Ivona. You're an absolutely amazing photographer and very professional. Just from the posting one can see that you are passionate about what you do… one day, one day, I'll book my session 🙂

  2. Scarlett says:

    Very nice work! Beautiful poses and soft lighting I love the tight cropping. -Scarlett

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