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There’s a Sexy Little Tiger in all of us! | El Paso boudoir photographer

May 4, 2012

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It’s already inside you…the sexy little tiger that you are!  You can’t deny that-we all have it in us!  When you come in for your boudoir shoot, what happens is we lure that tiger out and release it into the wild!  That sounds a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean.  I want that attitude…those bedroom eyes…slightly parted lips…a mischievous little smile.

So let’s say we all fall into one of two categories.  We either walk around every day feeling feminine and sexy, or we need a little encouragement to let that part of ourselves shake loose.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for the release of your total hotness!
Before your photo shoot:

  • Have your own fashion show!  Try on the outfits that you plan on bringing…with heels!  And have some music playing!  
  • Snap some self-portraits with your iphone or whatever you have.  It’ll help to ease you about the idea of being half-naked in front of the camera.  
On the day of your photo shoot:
  • Shave, shower, lotion up and perfume yourself!  Do everything seductively, as if your significant other is right around the corner lusting after you!
  • Style your hair or visit a salon to have it done.
  • Did you add make-up artist, Lydia Mendoza, to your boudoir package?  If so, come with a fresh face and Lydia will work her magic on you. 
  • Lastly, come to your boudoir shoot, indulge in yourself and let’s have fun releasing that little tiger in you!
The result?
  • You will feel like the beautiful and sexy woman that you are. 
  • Walk out of my studio with a little sway in your hips and a mysterious little smile that’ll make people wonder what you were just up to.
  • You might even feel the desire to get into a little “trouble” later that evening.   
Here’s one of my favorite clients, G.  She is fierce and not afraid to show it!  I love that! 
A little mystery goes a long way… 
Workin’ her gorgeous dark features… 

Thank you G. for allowing me to share your very hot photos and for bringing out the tiger in you!

For more information on scheduling your boudoir photo shoot, contact me: | Office: 915.412.6652 | Cell: 609.358.1114

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