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May 14, 2012

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Dear Mom,

There are things you do that I appreciate so much.  They’re “little things” and come effortlessly because you love your daughters so much.  Even so, I want you to know that every piece of love you give me, touches my heart and mind…and has helped to shape me the woman that I am today…and the mom that I will become.
Thank you for…
always being excited to hear from me when I call you or you call me. 
I taught you how to Skype last week, and you were just excited to see my face.
And hear my voice.
I never expect it, but you almost always have some little gift waiting for me when I come home to visit.
You always cook and stock the kitchen with things I like when I visit.
Some of my favorite memories are laying in bed when we first wake up and talking.  It doesn’t even matter what we talk about…But I’ll never forget the smell of your pillow, your comfort, love and encouragement.  
Your endless support.
Always trusting the decisions that me and my sister have made in our lives.
Being able to read my voice.  
Never giving up on us, through arguments and “growing pains.” =) 
There’s plenty more that you have done for me, but these are a few things that I appreciate so much because I’ve come to learn that different moms love differently, and I’m lucky to have you love me the way that you do.  So thank you.
Loving me then…(1988?)

 and now… (2009-ish) =)

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