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Good Things to Remember

May 15, 2012

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It never fails.  I walk into the store; calm, cool and collected.  I make my way towards the card section.  I pick up the first card and as if on cue, a tear swells in my eye until it gets too big to contain.  it spills over onto my cheek, and I tilt my head forward to make my hair fall down each side of my face.  I wouldn’t want anyone to notice.

I place the card back in its spot to prevent even more tears, and I pick up a second card.  I know full well that a second card will only invite more tears to join the pool at the bottom of my chin, so I quickly choose one that looks sweet but gentle, and I make a dash for the register.

When certain words come together to make a quote, they have the ability to effortlessly sum up our feelings about a person, our life, our beliefs.  Here are some quotes that I recently added to one of my pinterest boards.  If you’d like to check out more, follow me at:

This couldn’t be more true!


 I learned this a long time ago…I wish I could rub it off on others.

Feel free to comment with your favorite quotes!  And leave the link to your pinterest!–I’d love to check it out! 

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