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Our very own maternity shoot!

June 15, 2012

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I feel so lucky to be surrounded by a great community of photographers.  No matter where I’ve been, and where I’ll go, I’m confident that I’ll always find “my people” to connect with and encourage each other.  WHen I lived in Morgantown, WV, I traveled to Pittsburgh constantly for the get-togethers and to assist under my mentors.

As soon as I arrived in El Paso two years ago, the same thing happened.  I almost immediately had a group of photographer-friends who took me in as one of their own…and when you want to feel wanted, there’s nothing better than having a group of people accept you without question.

One of those photographer-friends here is Kristin Anderson.  She’s sweet and fun, and I feel like it wasn’t until this year at WPPI in Vegas, that I got to know her even better.  Kristin is moving to Tuscon, AZ within the next week or so, and we’ll miss her so much!  However, before the big move, she took the time to do a maternity photo shoot for me and Brad!  It’s always funny being in front of the camera…but definitely a good reminder as to what clients go through!

We took some photos at our home to begin with and then we headed to Charles Heindrich park in the north east!  Here are some of my absolute favorites!  Thank you again, Kristin!

Can’t wait for our little man to get here!  Just about two more months! 

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  1. Dana Morreale says:

    You're glowing! Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Nicole Ioset says:

    These photos are so beautiful! And your little charles is so sweet 🙂

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