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July 2, 2012

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The Article: The ‘Busy’ Trap by Tim Kreider
I was only going to post a link to this article on my facebook page, but as I was writing a “status” for it…my sentences kept flowing and I decided it’s too important of a concept to not take into serious consideration. This is such a good article and viewpoint on how we’re living our lives in America. It talks about how we should accept the fact that it’s okay to relax, and we don’t have to fill up our days with constant work, with constant busy-ness. What makes this tough in America is that work and money = “proof” in our society, and sometimes I feel like if we don’t put on a front of being super busy (whether we’re legit busy or not), it’s almost as if it’s a flaw.  
If I’m completely honest, when I have times during the day or week or month that I’m not crazy busy, I almost feel guilty. (I say “almost,” because deep down inside, I know better than to beat myself up about it.) Like it’s expected…and if I’m not busy doing something productive, I’m not bringing a good enough value to my life, or someone else’s life. The truth is, I would rather actually have a fulfilling, active life…and for me, that fulfillment comes from meaningful relationships with people that I love and care about…and doing things that I love to do.  
It might sound morbid, but often times when I have a decision to make about my life and what’s important to me, I think to myself, when I’m on my deathbed, what will I be thinking about? Okay, that can definitely be viewed as morbid, but that thought process grounds me instantly and helps me weigh out my priorities. And for that reason, the last paragraph of this article totally resonates with me.
“…I did make a conscious decision, a long time ago, to choose time over money, since I’ve always understood that the best investment of my limited time on earth was to spend it with people I love. I suppose it’s possible I’ll lie on my deathbed regretting that I didn’t work harder and say everything I had to say, but I think what I’ll really wish is that I could have one more beer with Chris, another long talk with Megan, one last good hard laugh with Boyd. Life is too short to be busy.”
Now, if you haven’t done so already, go read Tim Kreider’s article…and then go play.
Every post is better with a photo, so here I am, doing some things I love with some of the people that I love…

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