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What might not be “traditionally sexy,” actually is very sexy!

July 13, 2012

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A facebook friend recently mentioned that she would have never considered that a cardigan could be so sexy for a boudoir shoot.  I wanted to cover this topic and offer some other ideas of what might not be considered as “traditionally sexy,” but definitely is!  Overall, yes, the majority of my boudoir shoots are done in either lingerie or almost nothing…but you can stay covered up, too.  How much you’d like to reveal is totally up to you.  It’s all about how you wear your clothes, and one of the most important accessories is confidence and totally owning your sexuality.  

I especially love this photo and outfit because A. was also wearing her favorite pair of jeans.  And we as women know how a great pair of jeans alone can make us feel!  Pair that with a body-hugging cardigan, a sexy lace bra, and you have a perfect boudoir outfit!

The particular photo my friend was referring to was this one that I posted a few days ago…

Chunky knit sweaters can be hot…

I’ve also done a few shoots where clients have brought cropped vests…either fur, denim or leather.  Here is J. sporting her husband’s motorcycle vest.

A white button-down men’s shirt is always hot.  I’m pretty sure all guys have the fantasy of seeing their girl with nothing on but their shirt with a sexy pair of panties.

Other ideas are:  
Jewelry pieces that are “statement” pieces…We can have pearl necklaces or long necklaces drape over your shoulder or down your back.  
I’ve had a client bring a black mesh shirt, which ended up photographing very sexily. 
Anything lacey
An off-the-shoulder shirt or sweatshirt
A summer dress that is maybe too short for public, will be perfect for boudoir! 
A beautiful shirt or “body suit” type of shirt with a deep V-neck.  
I recently had a client wear a plain white, fitted t-shirt with nothing underneath.  As “plain” as that may seem, it was an extremely hot look!  One that your man would appreciate in a private setting…I’ll let your imagination do the work.  😉
I’d love to hear any ideas that you might have!  Comment below or on facebook!
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