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Ivona Dixon

Life Lately | 39 Weeks

August 15, 2012

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39 weeks is…
…like watching grass grow (Why isn’t anything happening?!)
…bouncing and rocking on an exercise ball
…googling pressure points to induce labor (inner ankle under the bone)
…long walks in the evening
…squats and lunges while watching the olympics
…spicy foods and pineapple
…having the time to try out those pinterest recipes (apple butter cupcakes are delish!)
…”retrieving prostaglandins” 😉
…cook it, bake it, freeze it (making life easier for when baby gets here)
…feeling your belly get hot, and then realizing you’re standing too close to the stove/flame
…shampooing the carpets
…back massages from the husband
…writing down mantras like “my body was meant for this” and “I’m opening up like a flower” (Thank you to my preggo group for all the laughs!)
…planning a mini-shopping spree for post-baby clothes
…anxiety and patience.

Happy Wednesday!

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