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I am Yours. You are Mine. | Intimate Boudoir Photographer

March 18, 2013

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I had a bride come in for a boudoir shoot this past Friday.  She’s getting married in June, and naturally, we talked about her wedding and her fiance.  I asked her, “do you think your relationship will feel any different?”  I’m always excited for brides and for marriage, so I shared my experience with her.  I actually got teary-eyed as I thought about what I was about to say… “The only part that felt different and overwhelmed me with emotions was declaring out loud, to everyone, ‘I am yours and you are mine.'”  I didn’t even think about this before my wedding day…it didn’t even enter my mind until I was standing in front of the church with Brad and we were exchanging our vows in front of all the people that matter to us.  I felt such depth and gravity in that moment as we declared, out loud for the universe, that we were each others from now until forever.

I wish A. and and her husband all the love in the world!


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