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Ivona Dixon

Running Towards Love

May 6, 2016

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She was on a journey of self-improvement.  The time had come and she was working out, eating healthy, and putting herself first.  Sarah had just started on her fitness, and her husband asked her to go for a run.  He took her up a hard path.  It was one that she wasn’t prepared for, and he knew it.  It left her almost breathless as she collapsed on the bathroom floor when they arrived home.

“I thought you said you’re a runner now,” and he shut the door.

When I met Sarah, she was no longer with this man.  She came in for her boudoir shoot as a present for her fiance.  Her equal, her forever.

“We had just started dating.  He knew I had a race that weekend, but I didn’t know he was going to show up.  I was running the last mile and I heard someone yelling my name.  I looked over my shoulder and I saw him.  He was cheering me on and waving his hands at me.  He was holding Gatorade and sliced oranges.”

This story has stayed with me as one of life’s most important reminders.  I love nothing more than seeing partners working together, supporting each other, truly being a team.  Hearing this story reminds me to always strive in my own marriage to constantly support and be a cheerleader for my husband.

(Sarah opted to keep her photos private. The lady pictured above is a different client.)

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