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Sexy is a State of Mind | Maryn’s Story

March 10, 2017

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It started from the very first boudoir shoot I’ve ever photographed.  Maryn was the perfect friend for me to experiment on.  I knew she liked to feel sexy…or at least wanted to.  And although she was a bit nervous, she was still a natural in front of the camera.  A few months ago we got to meet up in DC with another one of our friends.  It was a girls weekend spent over deliciously long breakfast conversations, too much wine and a little dancing.  As Natalie refilled our coffee one morning, she and Maryn began to talk about me…right in front of me.  I smiled as they said, “yes, Ivona…just being around you, I get to feel sexier and it’s okay for me to feel that way, because you already are.”  They went on, “and oh my god, after my boudoir shoot with you, I’ve always felt awesome about myself in that department!”  I was flattered and wanted to know more.  I wanted to know about the transition.  What happened and why?  So I asked…

“With the photo shoot, you’re raw and you’re exposed.  It’s intimate and you’re sharing that with someone besides your significant other.  The thing is you never get to actually see what you look like when you’re ‘in the sheets,’ so that was new to me.  I look at my photos and I think, ‘Do I look that good in the bedroom?’  To see myself through your eyes, is so empowering because I never knew how he saw me until the moment when I looked at my photos.”

It’s been a few years since your boudoir shoot.  What’s happened in that time?

“I feel more sexually confident now, and part of that is what happened when we were living in Leesburg.  I was working constantly, taking care of the house constantly.  My husband was working a lot, too, and I knew that he desired me, but I was having a hard time feeling it within myself.  I would think about the way I felt during and after my boudoir shoot with you, and even today, I use that as a standard.  It’s more about feeling that way instead of looking exactly the same way.  That was when I felt my most sexual and I wanted to get back to that place.  Sexuality comes from within.  You want your significant other to adore you and desire you, but I noticed that how sexual and sexually confident I am in the bedroom, comes from ME.  We all live our lives and things are up and down, but the sexyness is always there.  I also feel like I own my body more now.  When I was 22, I was still brinking between teenager/young adult and in the past couple years, I’ve felt like more of a woman.

I’m able to own my femininity, my body.  Whereas before, I saw the flaws.  Now I see the whole picture and that is that I’m a beautiful and sexy person.  And I enjoy that.”

I want all my girlfriends and every woman to feel this way.  I’m so thrilled that I was able to do this for Maryn.  When you give someone permission to feel and be sexual in a safe and private environment, this translates into a sexual confidence…in the bedroom, in their day-to-day lives, the way they carry themselves.  And I love that!

And because every post is better with a photo, here is one from Maryn’s photo shoot.  My first boudoir shoot ever, circa 2009!


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