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I needed to hear it | Intimate Conversations

April 24, 2017

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*Originally published in 2013. As I’m re-launching my boudoir photography business now that we live in Savannah, GA, it’s been especially fun to see how much we have grown as individuals and as a couple since this post.*

Brad.  Day in and day out, he’s the one I’m with the most.  The one I share everything with…myself, our Charlie, home, pancakes, cries, laughs, Saturdays, problems, colds, failures, successes.  Naturally, his opinion carries a heavy weight.  I was reminded of this recently when I returned from “fight club.”  Fight Club is a 3-day intensive workshop held by Jeff Jochum and Team-X.  We take everything that we learned during my one-to-one coaching with Jeff and place it in a pressure cooker.  At the end of the three days, I came home re-newed and motivated to make some changes and continue down my path.  We poured ourselves a drink and I told Brad all about my new goals.  I went on and on about everything we discussed and how I want to move my business forward.  Following my enthusiasm and excitement, the “but’s” started coming.  I’ve always experienced a bit of self-doubt, so I tend to proceed (too) slowly.  I recognize that I need to kick that self-doubting voice out of my head, but Brad did it for me.

“Just (ehem) do it, Von.”

Loud and clear.  I was jolted.  Happily jolted.  I need him to be tough on me, especially when he hears me driving myself away from what I want.  After ten seconds of shock, the only way I could respond was, “Okay!  I will!”

I depend on him as much as he depends on me.  And sometimes hearing that tough-love has the greatest affect when it’s coming from my husband.

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  1. JMFC says:

    do it Von! do it!!

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