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Ivona Dixon

Savannah Boudoir Photography | A’s Boudoir

July 10, 2017

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There’s power in every woman.  It’s a confidence that comes from within.  And I believe it should be shown off the same way you would a great pair of jeans.  Walk tall, chest out, head held high.  Look people in the eye and be heard…even if you’re not saying anything out loud.  Confidence is the most attractive quality anyone can possess.  Everyone wants it, and I believe everyone can have it. 



I love working with women who exude confidence.  Women who know themselves.  Women who trust themselves.
Women who might now always know where they are going, or how they are going to get there, but trusting that they are destined for greatness.  We are all destined for greatness.


Thank you A. for allowing me to share your photos!  You are gorgeous.  For more information on scheduling your boudoir shoot, contact me: |

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