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M’s Boudoir | Savannah Boudoir Photography

December 5, 2017

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When M. first contacted me, it was very clear that this was a secret mission.  Her 10-year anniversary was coming up, and her husband was about to be blown away.

Although she says she was nervous, M. carries with her an unshakeable confidence.  She is a woman who knows what she wants.  And gets it.  She is a woman who knows who she is.  As we talked and I took pictures, I learned that M. is most loyal to her children and her family, but knows that family starts with man and woman…and that sacred relationship deserves just as much attention.

I can clearly see why her husband loves her and wants her. 
M’s favorite photo.
In her email to me, that little gem appeared.  It’s a simple idea that means so much!

“My experience was absolutely amazing… You were more than accommodating to me and my needs and insecurities.  I was so nervous, but somehow you made me feel at ease almost immediately.  …Never in a million years did I think it would turn out as amazing as it did.  I couldn’t wait to show him and I just had to do it early.  I know, shame on me.  He was in shock and awe!  He said that he was so glad that I could finally see myself the way he sees me every day. … He said I would never be able to top that gift.  It was so special…”




Thank you, M. for allowing me to share your photos!  You are gorgeous and have got it goin’ on! 😉

For more information about doing a boudoir shoot, please check out my website or contact me directly at

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