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Ivona Dixon

Julie’s Boudoir | Savannah GA Boudoir Photography

March 24, 2018

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“It was so nice to be able to feel openly sexy,” she says.  “…And every time I see my album or wall canvas, it reminds me of that.  It can turn a blah day into a confident, sexy day.”  I loved getting to know Julie.  When she and I were first planning her boudoir shoot, I instantly knew that we were going to be a good match.


really knew she was my type of girl when I asked her if I could take a photo with her iphone so she could text it to her man.  She agreed enthusiastically.


“There’s something about waking up and seeing those pictures…It slips some ‘let’s grab this day by the horns and DO IT!’ into my day.  I guess it’s finally being able to see what you see in your camera lens and what my boyfriend sees that gives me an extra boost of confidence.  I guess it’s just my little inner secret. 🙂 ”



“That grin that you get and nobody else knows what is going through your mind.”  Oh, we all know that smile, don’t we?

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